Financial Services

Pension planning

We offer expertise in Retirement Planning from simple Personal Pensions to the more complex structures such as Executive Schemes and Self Invested Personal Pensions. We ensure that our clients have the pension arrangement to suit their current situation and future requirements:

  • Personal pensions
  • Stakeholder Pensions
  • Pension & divorce
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP’s)
  • Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS’s)
  • Flexi Access Income Drawdown Contracts and Phased Pension Withdrawals for clients looking to take the Tax-Free cash whilst keeping funds invested
  • Annuities

Investments and savings

Whether you are saving for a specific goal, or just want the money you have already saved to work harder for you, we can advise you, for example:

  • Longer term investments in stocks and shares, property , fixed interest and corporate bonds for clients looking for alternatives to the Banks and Building Societies
  • Investment into OEIC’s, ISA’s, investment trusts, regular savings plans, offshore bonds and investment bonds
  • We can advise you on investment risk, asset allocation and tax efficient ways of investing

The Financial Services Authority does not regulate some types of offshore investment.

Life assurance and protection

We can advise you on a full range of life assurance and protection options:

  • Term Assurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Whole of Life Assurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Permanent Health Insurance

If protecting your family, your income and your lifestyle is important to you then let us advise you.

Retirement plans

We can provide advice on innovative financial products that help the money you saved during your working life go that little bit further in retirement. We give advice on providing solutions that are designed to meet the financial needs of people either approaching or already in retirement. Our advice to everyone is to shop around for the best and most suitable retirement income before accepting the annuity offered by your existing Pension company.

We can advise you on a full range of options:

  • Income for Life
  • Lifetime Annuities Impaired Life/Enhanced Annuities
  • Fixed Term Annuities
  • With Profit Annuities
  • Unit Linked Annuities
  • Flexible Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Income Drawdown Contracts and Phased Pension Withdrawals for clients looking to take the Tax-Free cash whilst keeping funds invested.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax is usually paid on the overall value of the estate when someone dies. It is also sometimes payable on trusts or gifts made during someone's lifetime.

You may find that inheritance tax would apply to you even if you do not consider yourself to be wealthy, as the individual lower limit at which this tax must be paid in 2014/20154 is £325,000.00*. As this includes the value of your main home and any other property as well as other assets many people find they are liable for this tax.

However if you are married and you leave your whole estate to your spouse, or registered civil partner, then there will be no immediate IHT due. Seeking independent financial advice can help you to plan effectively to minimise the effect of inheritance tax on your estate, so that you leave as much as possible to your heirs.

* Correct as at 01/06/2014

Business Financial Planning

We offer a full corporate financial planning service so if you are a business owner or a Director let us help you:

  • Corporate Investments
  • Group Pension Schemes
  • Share Protection
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Advice.

Mortgages *

For most people, your home will be the largest single investment you will ever make, so making the wrong decision can become a very expensive mistake, so taking the wrong mortgage can end up costing thousands extra over the lifetime of the loan, and what appears to be the cheapest will not always prove to be so over the mortgage term.

To add to the confusion, there are now a bewildering number of mortgage types available to select from, so advice is a must. Therefore to make a truly informed decision, call us on 01227 713 845 or email us at and ask for an appointment.

*County Associates (UK) LLP do not give mortgage advice, we have a local mortgage broker who gives the mortgage advice and arranges the mortgage for our clients.


The earliest age you could make a Will is 18......but many of us delay doing so until we are much older.

Having a Will allows you to safeguard all the important things in life you’ve worked so hard for. A Will ensures you get to choose precisely who will get what. It also means you have a say in who will look after your children and where appropriate gives you the ability to make sure their inheritance is managed efficiently via a trust.

Not having a Will can cause all sorts of problems for those you leave behind. Most of us think everything will automatically pass to certain family members upon our death. This is not always the case because your assets will be distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy.

By using our expertise and knowledge you can make the creation of your Will easy and convenient - why not contact us now to discuss how straight forward this process is?


Using a trust in your Will allows you to go further than just leaving a gift - it also allows you to be more flexible in how such a gift is managed and protected until your beneficiaries actually inherit.

Trusts are most typically used for:

  • Managing gifts left to children or grandchildren
  • Protecting your property from long term care fees.

Don’t worry if this all seems confusing. During our consultation with you we check to see if the use of a trust would be of benefit to you. We present our findings to you and you choose which, if any, you would like to take advantage of.

Trusts: Children

As parents we strive to protect our children and provide for them as best we can. Naturally, we would like to continue doing this even after we die.

An impossible dream? - not at all.

  • We can advise you on the most appropriate form of discretionary trust for your circumstances: Key factors you can influence:
  • At what age your child will gain control of their inheritance (called the age of attainment). Allowing your Trustees to continue meeting your child’s immediate needs even if they haven’t reached the age of attainment.

Trusts: Disabled Children

Parents of disabled children are particularly concerned with ensuring they are well looked after.

If a child is mentally disabled then they are not in a position to make decisions for themselves. Alternatively, a child who is physically disabled will require someone to make decisions for them until they reach the age of 18, or whatever age you feel is more appropriate (called the age of attainment).

In addition there may be existing benefits that may be under threat because of means testing.

A disabled child’s trust:

  • Ensures someone responsible and trusted by you will look after your child’s interests.
  • Where necessary can preserve existing benefits.
  • Ensures your child’s immediate needs can continue to be met even if your child has not reached the age of attainment

County Associates (UK) LLP Care Funding Advice Service

Making sense of paying for long term care

Care in later life, whether for yourself or a relative, can appear a complex issue. Most people with assets over £23,250* will be required to pay for their own care. With residential care homes often costing in excess of £25,688 a year and those that provide nursing care being even more expensive at an average of £36,348 a year, how to pay for care can be a major concern for many people.

How we can help

We are independent financial advisers who provide care funding advice. We can help you to consider the options available to help pay for care and assist you in minimising the impact of long term care fees. Give us a call on 01227 713 845 and ask for some information.

Benefits of our care funding advice

  • We offer a no-obligation service – if you do not proceed, we will not charge you for our advice
  • Our advisers are fully independent ’ rather than be restricted to a limited selection of financial providers, we can research the whole market to recommend the best option for you
  • Our advisers will analyse your state benefit entitlement and advise on how to receive any additional state support that you are entitled to
  • Our emphasis is on providing support and information to enable you to make a decision about the type of care that is right for your personal situation
  • There is no pressure to take any one particular course of action and definitely no hard sell tactics.

    * England 2010/2011

To find out how we can help you:

  • Give us a call on either 01227 713 845
  • Email your enquiry to us at:

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